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At Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic Associates of Dallas, our Joint Replacement Division of highly trained and board-certified physicians are dedicated to managing and treating joint complications resulting from degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disease or joint trauma.

For patients facing end-stage arthritis, our team implements the latest advances in joint replacement surgery to restore and improve function for patients with a severely degraded range of motion, mobility, and pain.

Through the intervention of our Joint Replacement Specialists, pain-free everyday activities like walking, tennis, gardening, golf and playing with children are restored to patients who have had to limit or cease these activities as a result of the chronic and debilitating effects of their conditions. The joint replacement team at BSW Orthopedic Associates of Dallas considers a patient’s ability to tolerate the rigors of joint replacement. This includes assessing existing limitations, evaluating and diagnosing the degree and type of disease or degenerative process, evaluating the level of pain being experienced and conducting a thorough discussion with patients concerning the surgical options available and rehabilitation.

J. Stephen Appleton, Jr., MD

Sheena Black, MD

J. Mack Lancaster, MD

William K. Montgomery, MD​

Khalid Yousuf, MD, MS